Young people absolutely need a lot of encouragement and support. There are systems in place to provide some of that, and hopefully it works, at least a little, for most kids. 

But I got to thinking about those others on the other end of the spectrum. Is there an assumption that people say 65 or 70+ have everything worked out and are all just skating through cushy retirement lives?  That they have no dreams, fears, or hopes for the future?  That they enjoy the respect of all they meet? There are certainly a lot of calls for ‘new voices’ and celebration of our ’40 under 40′ business leaders. I am interested in writing but I can’t help but notice that agents and editors currently are universally seeking… the opposite of me. 

Anyway I did like this idea of a group of seniors looking forward to and celebrating their own personal future which might be as full of hope, surprises, and potential as any 17-year-old’s.   

Does anyone out there read these posts? If so, let me know. Not sure I have the bandwidth to keep it running.