About JIM

Hi, I’m Jim. I channel odd thoughts into cartoons, writing, and designs for t-shirts and other merchandise. I hope that by creating weird positive humor I can bring some fun and relief into the world.

Other things about me:

  • My cartoons and writing have appeared in magazines such as The Oldie, Alta, Women’s World, Christian Living, Funny Times, and in Oatmeal Studios greeting cards.
  • I love drawing. Everything you see on my site starts as pencil on paper.
  • I am a dad. I have cargo shorts and a fanny pack and I’m not afraid to use them.
  • I don’t have the typical “creative type” backstory. I didn’t come from a family of artists. I studied mostly science. I’ve never had a cat or dog. I did have a snake named Linus, a toad named Fred and a turtle named Gamera.
  • I was not the class clown, although in my Junior year I was the class rodeo clown- every time a classmate was about to get in trouble I’d leap up and run around the room to distract the teacher into chasing me instead.
  • This creative stuff started in 2012 when, needing some stress relief, I started to combine my background in drawing with the strange jokes and narratives piling up in my brain. Just like that, I reconnected to my creative side and found a new passion.